John Rallison

John Rallison has been teaching and training for over 20 years. His experience spans all ages and many subjects, including a stint teaching middle school math and high school physics. Most of his experience comes through pastoring several congregations and teaching college-level theology courses. He continues to write, blog, and podcast.

John has a long-proven ability to deliver complicated content in simple and memorable ways. He is able to capture and hold the attention of his listeners. His presentations are relaxing, enjoyable, and humorous.

Origins of High-Value Training

John planted a church in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida. It had a good run of 13 years but closed in May of 2018. John took a good look at what he had learned about people and what he really enjoyed doing. John loves learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

John also noticed that though "all leaders are learners," many leaders (and many people, in general) are not readers. This is a shame because there is so much excellent work being published in the realms of leadership, business, and personal growth.

"Aha!" thought John. "I will read great books and develop short, compelling presentations on their core content. This will get that great content into the lives of non-readers."

"Oo!" thought John, as he continued to consider the possible benefits. "Teamwork is so important. Leaders who learn together work together better because they have a shared experience and common vocabulary. This could really be great for leadership teams!"

"Oh!" thought John, as he further contemplated who might benefit from a 30-minute event covering the core content of great books. "People from all over the organization can learn and grow. Growth in one area of life helps growth in all areas of life. Companies that provide training for employees build employee engagement because of the investment the company is making in the employees."

"Could all this happen by me providing 30-minute learning events based on great books?" thought John

John decided it could. And so was born High-Value Training and our signature event, the 30-minute live, on-site training event covering the core content of business, leadership, and personal development books.

John really thinks he can make a significant positive impact in the lives of people and the organizations where they work by bringing this great content into the lives of leadership teams and organizations.

What People Say About John...

Here's what other people say about John's teaching and training:

"John Rallison has a gift for recognizing the needs of his clients and meeting those needs by providing the right support and knowledge.  He is great to work with; positive, thoughtful, flexible, and a hard worker who over-delivers." - Leah Abel, Project Manager & Ministry Facilitator,

"John Rallison has an extraordinary ability to unpack complex concepts with insight and simplicity. Over the past two decades I have hired John on numerous projects. His creative thinking and understanding of systems have been of great value to my consulting business." - Kurt Bickel, Cornerstone Consulting and Dean of Emergent Leadership Training,,

I have known John Rallison for over fifteen years and found him to be an exceptionally gifted speaker who can encapsulate complex ideas and concepts clearly and simply. He has a unique ability to hold the attention of an audience and drive home his points using a variety of techniques including movie, cartoon, and news video clips, caricatures, and other media tools. His prior experience as a physics teacher, pastor, and teacher combine to produce a well-rounded perspective for rational dialogue in any business management arena. His newest endeavor of “freelance” teaching seems ideally suited to his speaking and reasoning skills. He is remarkably adept at using humor and wit to keep his audiences at ease and engaged.  — Frank Engel

John is a person of great insight who uses stories, humor and his own life experiences to weave messages that are designed to move people to action. His down-to-earth style makes you feel comfortable even when he is navigating complex issues. We highly recommend his teaching and training skills. - Mike & Lee Anne Sorgius, Chief of Staff for VP of the Americas and Oceania, Cru

"John is more than capable of simplifying complicated presentations, both oral and written, by making the content interesting. He has often enhanced my knowledge of difficult ancient subjects by interjecting stories about customs and people in those times. He leaves listeners and readers with the intent to learn more." — Ann Bergelt

Mr. Rallison is a brilliant teacher. He incorporates current trends and events into his teaching. He ensures that all attendees are actively involved by leading thoughtful, challenging and mind-opening discussions. He sets an environment and tone that enables everyone to feel safe in the discussion process. — Debi Berry

John Rallison is able to captivate audiences by making complex subject matter relatable. He teaches in a way that is relational and personal. He often uses popular books and movies to open your eyes in ways that are revealing, entertaining and memorable. — Mathew Trout

John Rallison is amazingly relevant in his approach to training. He does not just present abstract ideas, but he leads you to see how the concepts he is presenting are demonstrated (or absent) in our society. If you want to move beyond the straightjacket of your provincial world, it really helps to understand what conspires to hold you back. — David Snyder